That’s Enough Outta You! podcast: History Rhymes w/ Jason Voiovich

Jason Voiovich is author of the books– Booze, Babe, & the little black dress: How innovators of the roaring 20′ s created the consumer revolution and Marketer in Chief: How each President sold the American idea. Both books can be purchased right here on our books store :… This was a fascinating discussion! Jason gives us his 5 best and 5 worst Presidents from strictly a marketing perspective! Of course we have an in depth discussion on JFK! Where do former Presidents like Reagan, Trump, Carter, NIxon, Truman, etc fit in? We also discuss with Jason how the roaring 20’s ushered in the Consumer Revolution and America’s addiction with shopping choices! Also Bill and Sean have some opening banter how YouTube algorithms negatively target shows like That’s Enough Outta You Podcast! https://thatsenoughouttayou.buzzsprou…… That’s Enough Outta You Podcast (Sean and Bill ) would like to thank our Sponsors and ask our listeners to use their great services when needed. Todd Johns Law, LLC Fairfield by Marriot Residence Inn by Marriot DKs Corner