Fox 9, Twin Cities – Tim Blotz: How the Democratic presidential candidates are branding themselves

MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) – On the debate stage, the Democratic presidential candidates all carefully stake out their policy positions. But one Twin Cities marketing executive says that’s not necessarily how people vote.

“Most of the time, when voters are in the voting booth, they are concerned about how candidates make them feel,” said Jason Voiovich of

Voiovich says it’s all about branding. Leading consumer brands from Coca-Cola to Toro spend a great deal of effort to make an emotional connection with buyers and their most loyal customers. Presidential candidates are no different, they’re trying to appeal to voters’ hearts.

“A Chevrolet and a Toyota are really similar cars,” said Voiovich. “They have a lot of the same features. But they make you feel a different way, and that’s ultimately how people make buying decisions and ultimately how people choose who their next president is going to be.”

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