Lowe’s Hurricane Florence Marketing Mix

That people will flock to Lowe’s (and its rival Home Depot) in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence is more predictable than the hurricane’s actual landfall. But predictability does not necessarily equal success. Lowe’s has learned – the hard way – to tune all four parts of its marketing strategy in response to the weather:

Product: Before the storm, Lowe’s stocked “prep products” including bottled water, generators and plywood. Now the company switched to “recovery” products like bleach, gloves, buckets, storage totes, mops and brooms – so that they are ready when the stores can reopen.

Price: Lowe’s could gouge. The aren’t. Prices are frozen in the affected area. Nice move.

Place: The impact is regional, but stores across the country are pitching in to help with inventory, staff, and expertise.

Promotion: The company put in place an emergency command center, staffed 24 hours a day to funnel key messages.

If only all crisis communications was handled this well…

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Jason T Voiovich