How to get free advertising, as taught by Nike, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump

I struggled this week with what to say about Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad, Elon Musk’s inhale-fail on Joe Rogen’s show, and Donald Trump’s [insert daily Tweet here]. In thinking about commenting on any of these things, it occurred to me that I was falling into their trap.

The trap is simple:
Step 1: Provoke the outrage machine.
Step 2: Wait for the public to go bonkers.
Step 3: Save a bunch of money on your media buy because people will do it for it.
Step 4: Cash in on the increased brand attention.

To that end, I am explicitly *not* going to weigh in on any of these other than to point out that we’re all being played for suckers.

#marketing #marketingstrategy #hewhoshallnotbenamed

Jason T Voiovich

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