Chalk this up under the heading: Sometimes big companies *cannot* innovate well. Campbell (the soup giant) announced it would divest itself of its “healthy” line of soups, Bolthouse vegetables, and juices. Apparently, the freshly-appointed (ha!) CEO also considered putting the entire company up for sale, but ultimately decided against it.

From a product marketer’s perspective, this is the equivalent of wearing sweat pants out of the house – aka, giving up. It seems like a company could fall out of bed and make money selling healthy food, but Campbell simply couldn’t get its head around the correct marketing mix. And don’t tell me other big food companies haven’t been able to do it – they may struggle, but they’re figuring it out – either through in-house development, partnerships, or acquisitions.

But there is another possibility, and stay with me on this one. What if the trend “everybody knows” is wrong? What if the only people eating healthier are the people who (a) can afford it, and (b) tend to create and command media attention? My inner contrarian is shouting at me to pay attention…

Read more about the soup fail on CNN Money.

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Jason T Voiovich