WTF, P&G? Trademarking slang is what a “square” would do.

Attracting “younger” customers (read: Millennial and increasingly Gen Z…who need a cooler name, BTW) by coopting their language is so #sad, I don’t even know where to begin.

How’d *that* marketing meeting go? I have a guess:

[Baby Boomer executive] “We’re losing market share to younger consumers who aren’t content to buy the same stuff we did. Suggestions?”

[Gen Xer frustrated mid-level manager] “Our research consistently shows we need to reinvent our entire marketing mix – top to bottom – to create a new generation of products people want to buy.”

[Baby Boomer executive] “Huh. That seems hard. How about we trademark popular slang terms so that we can ‘own’ them?”

[Gen Xer frustrated mid-level manager] (stunned silence)

[Millennial account leader] (Looks up from phone) “What did you say? FWIW, that’s not going to go over well, but whatever. You’re just going to do what you want anyway.”

[Baby Boomer executive] “We need to be cool cats and get hip with the new jazz. Let’s do it.”

[Everyone else] Updating LinkedIn profiles…

#marketing #fail

Jason T Voiovich

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