Audience Empowerment Rehumanizing Consumerism

Re-feline-izing marketing

As Millennials overtake Baby Boomers as the biggest pet-owning cohort, they also are redefining a pet’s place in the family. (As an Xer, I am quite accustomed to being ignored in such discussions.) Pets are becoming a “consumer” of sorts…much like children in the home. They influence purchase behavior, trends, innovation, channels, and prices.

Most futurists like to toy with the idea of “robots” being the next “consumer”, but that’s years away. Pets are *now*. What does it mean for the future of marketing when it’s not only humans who are the consumers? Is it ethical to advertise directly to your cat? To allow you dog to make a purchase on Alexa?

Wouldn’t *that* be a fun book???

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