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Amazon tricked my wife into signing up for Prime … and she’s piiiiiissed.

Amazon probably wouldn’t call it a “trick”. They’d say that they make the sign-up offer easier to see (and click) than the decline link. That’s not how my wife interpreted it.

Here’s the thing: I get the psychology. We have plenty of evidence in marketing and behavioral economics that opting-out is demonstrably more effective than opting-in (see research on 401k participation rates.) Amazon is using the same technique to nudge its buyers into signing up for its loyalty program. Undoubtedly, it has been successful to the tune of over 100 million Prime members as of this writing. Amazon clearly feels that it’s Prime program delivers superior benefits; the program is market-driven, consumer-friendly, and value-positive. But I wonder. How many of those 100 million were nudged into Prime perhaps not *against* their will, but certainly not explicitly *with* it either.

In the end, my wife is opting back out to make a point: consent matters.

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A bit out of date today, but a nice article.

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