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[Name Redacted]: Please don’t follow up with me 18 times.

Somewhere, [name redacted] read a listicle article that told him that 80 percent of sales were made after more than a dozen attempts. I can’t remember the exact number, but I do remember the content going viral on LinkedIn. You probably saw it too.

In this case, the person in question was a local car dealer who wanted to purchase my used car. He has sent (and I counted) 18 automated and personalized emails. Here’s the rub: This dealership bought my car TWO MONTHS AGO. As of this writing – this morning as a matter of fact – I received the most recent attempt:

“Just the other day, the [presumably a supervisor] asked, ‘Whatever happened to Jason?'”

Here’s what happened: You bought my car. You kept my name in your database. You didn’t check the box that said “Did we buy this car? Yes/No”. Your marketing team thinks this is what it means to “drip market” to someone. (I have a different interpretation of being “dripped on”, and I’ll bet you can guess what it is.)

At first, it was a bit irritating. But now, I’m intrigued. How many emails do you think I’ll get?

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Photo credit: Car and Driver Magazine