Information Management Rehumanizing Consumerism

How manipulating access to information clouds the truth … and what you can do about it.

What do inebriated leprechauns, the 50-cent army, and Reddit trolls all have in common? Find out!

SLA Competitive Intelligence Division Webinar
Original air date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 12:00-1:00 ET

Information professionals think of the truth as an absolute concept. Although we accept that we may never discover the full truth, we rest assured in our belief that a single, objective truth exists.

But what happens to our perception of that truth, and the path we use to discover it, when the way we access information shapes its interpretation? For decades, marketers used access methods to shape perceptions—specifically by making information just a little harder to get … or by hiding it in plain sight in a sea of other useless junk. Marketers are just beginning to come to their reckoning with the misuse of these methods (now that they are being used against them).

But marketers are not alone. Do you know the role information professionals play in shaping our perceptions of the truth? If access to information shapes it perception, what is your responsibility in conveying information? What can you learn from the mishaps of marketers?

In this webinar, Jason Voiovich names the “elephants in the room” concerning information access methods–Information Flooding and Information Friction—and shows you how they impact your job today.


    Learn how Information Flooding and Information Friction deceive.
    Identify those examples in your own practices, in your company’s markets, or inside your own organization.
    Explore your responsibility to truth in an era of rampant manipulation.

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