The little-known Toppers pizza chain is taking the ridiculously familiar strategy of irritating its much-larger competitor. Here’s a sample of a video of a Domino’s truck posted to the Topper’s Facebook page:

So, everyone knows Domino’s drives their dough around the country & through communities in heavy semi-trucks, vs making their dough fresh in house….well, now Domino’s is now filling potholes…literally. Coincidence? #WhatTheTruck #SMH

Domino’s did the predictable big company thing and filed a cease and desist for using Domino’s imagery in their ads and posts. Yeah, I get it, but this storyline comes *directly* form the Guerrilla Marketing playbook. You’d think Fortune 500s would get it by now.

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Photo credit: Bring Me The News

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Read the oh-so-predictable storyline on AdAge…

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