Head contact is kind of like holding in football. You could call it on every play.

NFL football, and its peewee, high school and college cousins, is dangerous. There. I said it. C’mon? Do you think some of the strongest and fastest men in the world, running 40 yards in less than five second, colliding at full speed is *not* dangerous? That’s silly on its face. But it seems to me the NFL desperately wants this issue to go away. New rules for the 2018-2019 season include new penalties for head contact at the discretion of the officials. Teams (and fans) are confused…and rightly so. Contact – violent contact – is at the heart of this game. Viewers *want* it to be violent, and celebrate bone-crushing hits. And then we complain that our kids want to emulate that. Sorry, everyone. The NFL’s violence is our fault. Not theirs.

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Photo credit: John Bazemore, Associated Press

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