Is fast-fashion sustainable?

H&M fast fashion

The so-called “fast-fashion” trend aims to counteract one of the nastiest realities of retail life: by the time fashions hit shelves, they’re out of date and don’t sell. Retailers have dramatically shrunk supply chain timelines to better meet market demand. Some stores push out new fashions twice a week. The hope was that this “Just In Time” approach would better match fashion with demand. It hasn’t really worked out that way. Instead of fewer clothes, the industry is sitting on billions in unsold merchandise (retailer H&M has $4 billion to get rid of). I am a fan if Hammermade shirts (a local fast-fashion retailer). Am I part of the problem? This seems like another one of those good ideas that completely botched execution? …or could it be that fashion simply is too human to predict? …or could it be an affordability problem?

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