Campbell Soup’s innovation “accelerator” was the right idea, but…

…it came too late to save Denise Morrison’s job. Consumer tastes are changing, and only-eat-it-when-I’m-sick nostalgia isn’t enough to make the average consumer choose overly-salted buck-a-can soup over plenty of better options from niche players. Those niche players are finding local shoppers on the micro end of the spectrum and Amazon distribution on the macro end. Jumping into the shark tank with the smaller players is smart, but Morrison should have thought of that five years ago when it would have done some good. They would have needed her then. They don’t now.

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Read the sad little story on USA Today.

Photo credit: In this Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014, file photo, cans of Campbell’s soup are photographed in Washington. (Photo: J. David Ake, AP)

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