Jason T. Voiovich

Innovation Historian

Marketer in Chief: How Each President Sold the American Idea

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Booze, Babe, and the Little Black Dress: How Innovators of the Roaring 20s Created the Consumer Revolution

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Long Tail. Fat Risk. Why You May Want to Rethink Your “Platform” Strategy. Right Now.

That photo above? That’s me, becoming “brand aware” at an early age. It…explains a lot.

My arrival in marketing started early. I was born into a family of artists, immigrants, and entrepreneurs. Frankly, it’s lucky I didn’t end up as a circus performer. I’m sure I would have fallen off the tightrope by now. My father was an advertising creative director. One grandfather manufactured the first disposable coffee filters in pre-Castro Cuba. Another grandfather invented the bazooka. A great-grandfather invented Neapolitan ice cream. I was destined to invent the first disposable soft-serve grenade launcher, but the ice cream just kept melting!

I took bizarre ideas like those into the University of Wisconsin, the University of Minnesota, and the MIT Sloan School of Management. It should surprise no one that they are all embarrassed to have let me in.

I’ve launched hundreds of new products over a career that’s spanned more than 25 years – as an entrepreneur, product designer, advertising strategist, and executive – everything from medical devices, to virtual healthcare, to non-dairy consumer cheese, to next-generation alternatives to the dreaded “cone of shame” for pets, to sex aides for cows (really!).

The secret to my success has been a careful observation of the world around me – especially stories from history – that show me how others have solved challenges and created new opportunities.